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Snow plow hit by semi near Faribault, reminds drivers to use caution around plows

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FARIBAULT, Minn. (FOX 47) -

With all the snowy roads and wind drifts, even the vehicles working to clean up the roads are working to avoid accidents.

Tuesday morning on I-35 near Faribault, a semi hit a snow plow!

Thankfully, nobody was injured.

Crews towed away the semi, and the plow is no longer able to deposit salt or chemicals on the road due to damage on its rear, however, it is able to continue plowing.

Here in Rochester, plows are hard at work in the chemical phase, laying down a sand/salt mixture or just salt to help keep ice at bay.

Robert Langanki, who is the MnDOT Transportation Operations Supervisor here in Rochester, warned that with the dropping temperatures and current slush on the roads, things will only continue to solidify.

He said crews will be working around the clock until all the ice is melted and roads are clear.

"Well right now the snow has stopped but the wind is definitely going up. We're putting down either a sand/salt mixture or just salt until the temperatures drop lower, then we have what we call an alternative de-icer chemical which works at lower temps. So ,hopefully we're going to be able to get most of this ice off the road before it becomes brutally cold in the next day or so," explained Langanki.

Langanki said that for those driving on the roads, if you see a snow cloud, it probably means a plow is working on the roads and going significantly slower than normal traffic.

Keep in mind that you should also slow down, to avoid a collision before it's too late. 

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