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Century Dance Team raises money by teaching children their art

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

The Century Dance Team will be holding their annual Junior Kickers Clinic and Middle School Dance Workshop to give all kids from kindergarten through 8th grade the chance to learn dance.  

"So we have 3 different groups: middle schoolers, second through 5th grade, and kindergarten through 1st grade are grouped and then they learn a dance based on their level," said senior and Dance Team Captain, Phinea Romero. "We have the juniors teach the littler kids and then the captains for the middle schoolers."

The clinic is meant to be an introduction to the art of dance.  

"Usually there's not much experience at all," said Romero. "It's just for anyone who wants to join dance and see what it's like to be on the dance team."

The hope is that being exposed to dance early will help the kids in the long run. 

"Most people think that dance is easy but it's really not," said senior and Dance Team Captain, Anna Schornack. "It takes a lot of dedication and starting young it really gets the technique. We're doing high kick which isn't really competed at studio so there's different technique involved. We want to get the girls started young so by the time they're ready to compete here they can just get on the varsity level and enjoy the experience rather than worry about all the tiny little things."

The clinic is not only a special experience for those learning to dance, it's also special for those already on the dance team. 

"Last year I was one of the people who help choreograph the dances and it's just so much fun to work with the little kids because you see yourself in them," said Schornack. "You were that kid when you were growing up."

The event is a fundraiser to help the Century Dance Team have the opportunity to compete.  

"We have to pay our own way to get into competitions," said Schornack. "It also pay for our costumes because we have five competing teams and one performance team this year so that's a lot of costumes to pay for. We do reuse most of our costumes but this year we have three dances so we needed to get new costumes."

Fundraiser like the Junior Kickers Workshop has allowed the team to grow by raising money and helping to inspire kids that could become future dancers. 

"I'll have to say when I first joined the team we were not a strong dance team," said Schornack. "We were the team that went out anyway. We've all worked so hard. We've done extra classes, we've done private lessons, we've brought people in over the summer to teach us about different techniques and different ways to improve our dancing and just seeing us grow into the team that we are today I'm so proud of us." 

Despite the growth, the team is still down to Earth and willing to share their art with anyone of any skill level.  

"Our entire team is really, really friendly," said Romero. "We're really accepting of people and we love to have fun so there's nothing to be nervous about because there will be someone there by you all the time."

The Junior Kickers and Middle School Dance Workshop is Friday, January 13 from 4 to 7:30 at Jefferson Elementary.

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