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Boys and Girls Club of Rochester has Fright Night, pre-Halloween bash

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester got together Friday night for Fright Night, a chance to have a little pre-Halloween party.

This Halloween bash gave kids a chance to dress up before the big night and have some fun with friends.

There was a bean bag game, face painting, music and dancing, and of course candy and costumes.

This fun festival-like event was for kids of all ages, to help get them even more excited for Halloween, as if they needed any help.

We asked one young lady what she is most looking forward to for Halloween.

"Getting to see other people dress up in costume and candy," said Liana Perteete, whose favorite candy is a Kit Kat.

And let's not forget Halloween isn't only about fun, but also safety.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, some safety tips to keep in mind on Monday are to wear bright and reflective costumes so drivers can see you in the dark, make sure swords or canes aren't sharp and won't cause any injuries, and make sure costumes are flame resistant.

Also keep in mind to stay in groups, don't venture off alone, and avoid strangers.

And let's not forget to inspect all candy and look out for packaging that might already be open. 

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