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Appliances: To keep your stove top clean and shining, use a good car cleaner wax on the painted surface around the stove eyes. Just apply as you would to your automobile. Clean up is a breeze after the heaviest cooking. This can also be used to clean the fronts of most appliances -- except for stainless steel. (Rick Wright, Tennessee)

Baby Bottles: To clean milk residue out of baby bottles, put a tablespoon of raw rice, one drop of dish washing liquid and hot water in the bottle. Fill the bottle up half way with hot water and shake it up for about 2-3 minutes. Of course this is only done after the sterilizing of bottles stage is over. Tavish Graves, LA

Baking Dishes/Pans: To remove burnt-on food from baking dishes/pans, place a dryer sheet in the bottom and fill with hot water. Wait about a 1/2 hour and it should wipe clean. May have to be repeated if really messy. Debbie Horhay, NJ

Burnt Food on Pans: Use baking soda, dish washing powder, and hot water. Then use a scrub brush. Yvette Washington, TX

Burnt Food: Place an unused dryer softener sheet into your cooking vessel that has dried or burnt on food. Add hot water soak overnight....WORKS GREAT!!! Sharon Golconda, Il

To clean pots and pans with burnt-on food, add little water to pot and put on warm burner on stove and after a few minutes scrape off. This also works on cast iron pans-just wipe on oil after has dried. Karen Espey

Sprinkle dishwasher soap to cover most of burned food , add just enough water to let it soak. Add more later if needed, soak overnight and scrape out food with plastic scraper. Zoe Holland, WA

Clogged Drains: For slow moving drains, such as kitchen sink slowed by grease, pour one bottle of hydrogen peroxide, let sit for 10 or 15 minutes. For real slow drains, you may need to use 2 bottles. Helen Riggan, VA

Coffee Cup: I have found that using a baking soda paste gets rid of coffee,and
tea stainless in my coffee cups. Teresa Smith, OH

Coffee Pot: Forgot and left the glass coffee pot on the heating element and now you have burnt coffee in the bottom of your pot? Simple! Just put crushed ice in the pot along with some salt and swish it around. Rebecca Berry Guinn, TN

If you burn your coffee pot let cool off and then add salt and ice water to it. Stir around for a few minutes and as the ice melts the burned coffee will come off. P. France, OH

To clean it if it has set on the warmer too long, take some rice and a little bit of water, swish around and it should clean. It might take more then one try. Judy, AR

To clean a pot once you have burned coffee in it, put ice salt and squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the pot. Let it sit for awhile or even over night, then clean out. I don't know what it is about this mixture, but this is a trick I learned when working in restaurants. A little lemon juice and salt also works to get the grime off of the coffee pot burner too!! Laura Roberts, GA

To get the film and burnt coffee stains out of coffee pots, rub baking soda with a cloth inside and out,then rinse. It will look as good as new. Madeline Maehren, LA

Cooked on Food:
(on the sides of a slow cooker ) Simply fill the pot with warm water, drop in 1 or 2 denture cleaning tablets, let sit over night. Makes for easy clean up the next morning. T. Schneider, IN

Copper Pots and Pans: Use tabasco hot sauce to clean the bottom of your copper pans or any copper - let sit for awhile & it will come clean and look like new. Alice Graves, VA

Counter Tops
: To remove ink, Kool-Aid, and other stains from counter tops, use a paper towel soaked in a little rubbing alcohol and it will come right off. Carla, AK

To clean stubborn grease on the stove top after cooking or baking, spray a little bubbling bathtub cleaner it will cut right through the grease & leave it sparkling clean! Cindy, IN

Use Windex to take fruit punch stains off of counter top and tables. Elizabeth Meyst, MI

For burn marks on tables and counter tops, rub spot with toothpaste. Mandy Bryant

Crock pot: When using a crock pot to cook in you can line the crock pot with a oven roasting bag let the bag hang over the sides so you can still get the lid on and stir as needed.After your finished cooking you just remove the bag and the crock pot is clean. Discard of the bag and contents in the trash for less mess. Trish Fuller, AR

Disinfectant: Keep rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Use it on any surface that you would normally use window cleaner on. Not only does it clean and shine but it will also kill germs.

Dishwashers: To clean your dishwasher use one package of Kool-Aid Lemonade, run it through a wash cycle and it will come out clean and smelling great. My wife would not believe it until she saw it with her own eyes. Dale, Savannah, GA

To get the muck off of washing machines in the undersides of lids use salt and squeeze lemon juice over the top of the salt. The salt aids as an abrasive while using a toothbrush to get into those hard to reach places. Make sure you rinse with water when finished, it will take off the paint if left on too long. Misti Petermann, OK

For cleaning iron deposits from dishwashers, Tang drink powder works well. Just fill the detergent section with Tang and run it through its regular cycle. Clean as a whistle. Joan Castro, WA

Food Burnt on Glass Cookware: Simply sprinkle it with Oxi-Clean and fill it with hot water. Let stand for an hour or more. Then clean the stuck on food will come right off. Linda Adams, AL

If you burn a cobbler, use one-third sheet of fabric softener and water and soak for several hours or overnight. You will be amazed at how easily you can clean the dish. (You may use a whole sheet, but it is not necessary.) This will work on any dish where sugar burns during baking. Dannie Marcantel

Garbage Disposal: To clean a garbage disposal, run ice cubes and oranges or lemons through it. Use the juice first! Joyce Heath, MI

After running hot water and baking soda in the disposal, drop a few drops of vanilla down your drain for a pleasant smell. Sandy Madden, IA

George Foreman Grill: After you finish cooking on it, wet two paper towels with hot water, fold them together long wise, place on grill and close lid. Wipe off all food in minutes. Sharon, MO

Grill Racks: When cleaning the racks on the grill, crumble a piece of aluminum foil and scrub the cool racks with the foil. This works really well because it gets inside the small slots on the rack. Didn't believe it until I tried it myself. Carolyn, Al

Melted Plastic: If a plastic bread wrapper is left too close to your toaster the plastic melts onto the appliance, you remove it by rubbing it off with WD-40. Shirley, IN

Microwaves: I put a large bowl of water inside the microwave with some baking soda (not too much) and a few drops of real lemon juice. Cook for 1 or 2 minutes, let sit 20 minutes. Take a clean rag and clean it. Stuck on things comes right out, and the lemon gives it a nice clean scent. Ary Cockrell, IA

For burnt popcorn in the microwave, first clean real good with vinegar water, then stuff with newspaper for 24hrs. Paper will absorb odors. Brandi Knox, GA

The next time you clean your microwave run some water in a bowl with just a little dish washing liquid. Bring to a boil (will be very hot, be careful) the steam from the water makes the microwave wipe clean. You must use dish washing liquid it will not work with water alone. Try it, it
works! Angela Leger

Wet a kitchen sponge and squeeze out the excess water.(It needs to be wet but not soaked.) Put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.(depending on the size) When the microwave is finished take out the sponge. It will be very hot. Set aside. Then take a dishcloth or paper towel and easily wipe away the food that was stuck on. This not only helps you clean your microwave, but the heat also rids your sponge of bacteria. Two tips in one. Lacey Condit

Microwave Splatter:
Use a new coffee filter to cover foods cooked or heated in the microwave to control splatter. Debbi Lambert

Oven Racks: Cleaning oven racks. I put about 2 cups of amonia in a plastic garbage bag. Put the racks in it, seal it up tight with a twisty and leave it over night or all day. You can wash them easily with no scrubbing. Jan Lindquist, MI

Plastic Containers: Don't throw away stained plastic containers. Just place them in direct sunlight for at least four hours. Raquel, Arizona

Pots and Pans: For foods stuck in cooking pots and pans, use a bit of dish soap and water in the pan, put on stove and bring to a boil. Food will come right off. Alice Guillaume, LA

Putting a coffee filter in your iron skillets will keep them from rusting, try it, it works. Mary Childers, KY

: When cleaning out your refrigerator add baking soda to your cleaning water. It will help minimize odors for a longer period of time. Erika, IN

Sinks: Put a coat of car wax on your kitchen stove and bathroom sinks and they are a breeze to clean up after messy little hands and cooks. Cathy Beal, IN


If you want your kitchen sink to shine like new after every time you wash the dishes, dry the sink with a dry towel and  then wipe it with a newspaper. The ink from the newspaper will make it shine and look like new. Bridgette, Texas

Thermal Coffee Pot: To clean, simply put approximately a teaspoon of Oxi-Clean into the pot and fill it with hot water. The residue will float to the top. Linda Adams, AL

Tupperware: To keep tomato-based foods from staining plastic bowls, spray the bowl with Pam non-stick food spray before using. Charli H., KY

To get stains out in Tupperware try the new Cascade Plastic Booster it works well. Dawn Fredricks, OR

Wax Candles Out of Holders: Put a little water in the bottom when adding a new candle. They slide right out, even after the water evaporates. You may have to break into pieces due to size but this makes it easier. Wash the holder before starting new candle because you can get build up on the glass the water. Amy, IN.

The easiest way is to place the candleholder in the freezer for about an hour. Remove from freezer and the wax will pop right out. Dewrena Escue

Wax from Votive Holder: To remove candle wax remnants from a glass votive holder, place it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. The cold air will shrink the wax and it will pop right out and be ready for your next candle. Dawn Coles, CA

White Glass Stove Tops: I have a new gas stove top that has a white glass top. I tried all the best grease cutting products and all left an oily film, then I tried my own cleaner, mix 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. Then put it in a spray bottle, works terrific and cost pennies.
Kathy, LA

White Kitchen Sinks: Use a little liquid dishwasher detergent and take a brush and spread around and rinse. Whatever stays continues to bleach the surface. Looks great even a little later.
Marlene Hafner, OK

To clean a white sink with scuff marks from your pots and pans simply apply Comet (powder) and get a rough sponge and rinse with warm water, scrub on a little harder on tougher areas, even works great on food stains. Will leave your white sink looking brand new. Helen Pedroza, TX

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