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Welcome to the Olmsted County Recycling and Garbage

Photo courtesy of Olmsted County Public Works Photo courtesy of Olmsted County Public Works

There's a proper place for all your waste in Olmsted County

Olmsted County utilizes an integrated approach to Solid Waste Management. Each of the components (waste reduction, recycling, composting, hazardous waste management, waste-to-energy, and landfill) complements the others and serves an important role in the total system to make the best use of the resources available. It is a system that is environmentally responsible and financially prudent. Each of us generates an estimated 6 pounds of garbage every day. In Olmsted County, that's about 400 tons of trash a day - the bulk of which is recycled or converted to usable energy. After homeowners and businesses reduce, recycle, compost their leaves and grass, and properly manage their hazardous waste, the remaining garbage is burned at the Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility (OWEF). Every day about 200 tons of garbage is burned to produce steam and electricity that is supplied to 26 buildings in Rochester. The excess waste and ash byproduct are sent to the Kalmar Landfill. Because of economic growth in Olmsted and Dodge Counties, there has been a large increase in garbage. Olmsted County is constructing a new combustion unit at the OWEF. The new 200-ton-per-day unit will create renewable energy, including steam and electricity, and also prolong the life of the Kalmar Landfill. No property tax money is used to fund the solid waste programs. Olmsted County relies primarily on tipping fees (the amount charged for garbage disposal), the Olmsted County Environmental Service charge, and energy sales to fund all solid waste programs.

Call the Public Works Department at (507) 328-7070 for more information on Olmsted County's integrated solid waste program. For more information visit www.olmstedwaste.com or you can call the Garbage and Recycling Information Line (507) 328-7077 (24 hours).

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