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Sen. Klobuchar tours Austin

AUSTIN, MN (KTTC-TV) -- U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar came to Austin this Saturday afternoon to survey the city's flood damage. Austin's mayor and city engineer took her on a tour to some of the most affected areas.

"It was real close. 2004 the area was flooded, but this year it was not," said city engineer Jon Erichson.

Klobuchar joined Austin's Mayor and the city engineer on a tour of flood damaged areas of Austin, but not just this year's flood damage, also the previous flood years.

"Oh that was in '04. Wow," remarked Klobuchar.

Klobuchar said she was impressed by how fast the city cleaned up and their efforts to avoid flooding in homes and businesses. The Erichson said the city has been trying to relocate homes in the repeat flood areas since about 1979. Erichson said so far about 300 homes and business have been moved.

"Nationally, there's going to be a major discussion about flood mitigation now," answered Klobuchar. "This has been such a wide spread flood, and so examples of what Austin, Rochester, and other towns have done would be very useful. I'm sure there will be hearings about this and I want to make sure this story is told."

Klobuchar also said after seeing flooded farms and crops like corn ruined, she wants to make sure farmers get some help. And said one of the main reason she came was get more money for flood victims by telling their stories.

"The reason we're here is: one, that we have first-hand accounts that we can bring back to Washington. Next week we're going to debate the additional money for the floods, hopefully to get it done by the end of the week on the Senate side with over 2 billion dollars in requests, and that's nation wide."

Many flood victims who have already shared their stories have said, they could use the help.

Senator Klobuchar joined us in our studio Saturday evening and told us that the farm bill that was just past in congress has a permanent disaster relief that should help in Minnesota and Iowa.

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