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Rochester group helping to save lives with Naloxone training

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

It's a life or death problem facing our nation.

The United States opioid crisis is affecting communities everywhere, but a group in Rochester is stepping up to help do something about it.

Recovery is Happening is hosting Naloxone Training sessions the first Tuesday of each month, with the simple goal to have as many people prepared and ready to help save a life.

"The goal is to have the Naloxone in the hands of anyone who might encounter, which could be anywhere, it could be on the side of the road, it could be at the library, the gas station, maybe in WalMart, you never know."

Naloxone is an opioid reversal kit that when properly administered, will curb the affects of the opioid overdose and save the person's life.. making the identification of an overdose vital.

"When someone might be opioid overdosed, you can look for small pupils, shallow or slow breathing and blue around the lips or under their fingernails."

For some people going through the training it hits close to home.

"I have several friends that have overdosed through the years and I just wonder if people knew about this, or were trained to do this and had the Naloxone packs, maybe some lives could have been saved."

While administering Naloxone can bring people back to life, recovery specialists stress that's not the only step to take.

"What's more important is calling 911 right away and making sure that you give the two rescue breaths, which can prevent someone from going into cardiac arrest, which once they're in cardiac arrest, it doesn't give you a chance to administer the Naloxone and save their life."

The state of Minnesota enacted Steve's Law, which allows immunity to the 911 caller and the person overdosing, making saving lives the priority.

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