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Child Trends: Educational apps for children

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Mobile phone and tablet use by kids under the age of eight, is up by 1000% over the past several years.

With all of those apps claiming to be educational, how can parents recognize the valid apps from plain old digital candy? A new research study provides tips for making the right picks for your children.

Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek of Temple University launched a study to help define the educational, in so-called educational apps. The study found that there are features that parents should look for.

"These kind of features popped out of the, engaged meaningful, socially interactive and has a learning goal," said Hirsh-Pasek.

Apps that encourage social interaction, exploration and creativity are what parents should be targeting. An app should engage children, like a parent would and remember the app should not be complicated or a child might lose interest. 

"Take a peek at what your kid is doing, and, if you don't like what you see, or it's something common sense then don't do it," said Hirsh-Pasek.

For more on pros and cons of certain education apps you can "visit common sense media" here.

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