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Erin Murphy gets DFL endorsement in Rochester

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Former Minnesota House Leader Erin Murphy was victorious Saturday at the DFL Convention in Rochester.  After a brutal battle with Congressman Tim Walz, Murphy earned the endorsement of her party at the Mayo Civic Center.

Walz was the heavy favorite, but Erin Murphy came away with the endorsement.   A candidate has to have 60% of the vote in order to be victorious, and Murphy succeeded even after Walz asked his supporters to vote for "no endorsement."  If that would have been successful, it would have been the first time in DFL history that a candidate wasn't backed for a statewide office.

After Murphy's victory, she spoke about how she would focus on issues important to the people of Rochester if she eventually gets the DFL nomination for governor.

"Of course, Rochester is a very well-known healthcare Mecca, not just for Minnesota but for America and for the world and that's important," she stated, "But the people of Rochester, as I have talked to them, are very interested in working hard and earning enough money to support themselves and their families. They're interested in building a future that is inclusive for all of us.  They want to make sure their kids can go to school to learn a trade or go on into higher education."  

Murphy says this endorsement is a powerful tool to win the election.  Walz had said earlier that if he didn't get the endorsement Saturday, he wouldn't abide by it, which means he'll run in the August primary.

While talking about the future of the campaign regarding Tim Walz, Murphy also mentioned her potential GOP opponents.  She said that even though the Republicans endorsed Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson during their convention, she can't wait to take on former Governor Tim Pawlenty.  As far as a running mate, she said she wants to get through the endorsement process first to unite the party and forestall a primary.  

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