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Cresco family wins 'Good Farm Neighbor' award

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CRESCO, Iowa (FOX 47) -

A northern Iowa family gets a special award this afternoon for prioritizing animal care and environmental-focused livestock practices.

Tim Huhe and his family were presented with the 135th Good Farm Neighbor award at the Howard County fairgrounds.

The award also acknowledges the farmer's commitment to their local community.

The Huhes say they have not been alone and that it takes a community to make their farming operation possible.

"When they first contacted me about this award, you know, they talked about it being a little more of a personal-type award and achievement, 
and I don't believe that's what it is no matter where you're at and what you're involved in. It takes a group effort to make anything 
successful," said Tim Huhe.

Huhe says his involvement on boards and other activities sometimes leads to sacrifices from other family members to get the job done.

The family says they are humbled and proud to receive the award, but said that there are a lot of other farmers in the area that are just as deserving.

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