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Volume of Saint John's Bible on display at Saint Anne of Winona

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WINONA, Minn. (FOX 47) -

The Sisters of Saint Scholastica, who sponsor the Benedictine Health System, are celebrating their 125th anniversary.

To make it even more special they are touring two volumes of the Saint John's Bible around the Benedictine Health System's 30 facilities. 

That bible is one of a kind.

"It was the first hand written and hand illuminated bible in more than 500 years and that one is so valuable that we couldn't have it here," Betty Singer-Towns, Spiritual Care Director at Saint Anne of Winona, said.

Now the bible was commissioned by Saint John's University to mark the turn of the century back in 1998. 

It was written in 7 volumes, the first one finished was Gospels and Acts.

On display at Saint Anne of Winona is a fine art replica of that first volume, but there are still some human touches.

Most of the gold leaf is hand-done, along with the capital letters at the start of every chapter.

But one good thing about it not being the original is people can touch the pages.

"Because it's a special paper, the oils in our hands are good for it, rather than bad for it and so people like to touch it," Singer-Towns said. "I mean it feels so holy, but then to be able to touch something so holy, and even feel the gold leaf, that's a powerful thing."

Organizers want people to come and experience the bible for themselves, put fingers to the page and look at the illuminations.

It will be out in the lobby until June 4th.

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