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Southeastern Minnesota squadrons come together to simulate rescue missions

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ALTURA, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Saturday morning through the afternoon, the Civil Air Patrol, Rochester Police Department, Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Southern Minnesota K-9 Team, performed search and rescue training at Whitewater State Park

Each group had units at the park using various elements to help rescue missions for simulated crashes.

The groups worked all day on different types of crashes and rescue missions, using the park to ramp up the difficulty in simulation.

It's the fifth year these squadrons have come together to train their units for real life scenarios.

"One of those things where you practice and you practice and you practice, so you don't have to use. You're looking for, we're looking for a pretend crashed airplane. This way when you come up to the real thing, it's all automatic. It is extremely important to be able to practice this so if something happens, we know what we need to do," said Civil Air Patrol Group 4 Commander, Maj. Harry Colleman.

Along with search and rescue missions, the groups also practiced their survival skills, using maps and compasses and providing first aid care.

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