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Goodhue, Kingsland school bond issues rejected by voters

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Voters in the Goodhue and Kingsland public school districts rejected proposals Tuesday that would have meant borrowing millions for school building renovations and improvements.

In both districts, there was strong support for what the school boards wanted to do, but the "no" votes outnumbered those supporting the projects.

In Goodhue, where 500 people voted "no" and only 449 voted "yes," superintendent Mike Redmond said school officials had a "good conversation" over recent months with people in the school district and that they would find a way to move forward on their challenges.

The Goodhue Public School building needs work to be more secure and accessible, and more mechanically efficient.  The school board also wanted to move forward with improvements to the learning environments for the students.  But Goodhue's plan for a "Big Ask" which was to issue building bonds totaling $30,285,000 was too rich for some voters.

In Spring Valley, Kingsland Public Schools asked voters to authorize issuing building bonds of $8,125,000 for improving school facilities, including building a new gymnasium and performing arts facility.  But voters rejected the proposal 619 to 507.  

Kingsland plans to move forward without voter approval on a project to improve indoor air quality at its school buildings.

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