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Turkey River overflows banks flooding parts of Spillville

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Recent soaking rains brought a good drink of water for plants and lawns across our region.

Parts of Northern Iowa received more than most, resulting in areas along the Turkey River to flood.

The Turkey River snakes through the small Iowa town of Spillville, and due to the recent heavy rains the river has spilled over its banks.

The United States Geological Survey out of Iowa City was in Spillville Friday monitoring the river situation.

It stated the river crested Friday morning at just over 14 feet and has been falling ever since.

Major flooding back in 2016 saw the Turkey River crest at just over 20 feet, but this time around residents living along the river are not too concerned. They are however keeping a close eye on things.

"Well if we get a lot of rain up north of us, say in Howard County then to the west in Protivin, we have a crick in the backyard and everything kind of comes up," said resident Rick Kohatka. "It's too much if it rains four inches over there and four inches north, then we'll have water way up here and probably in the basement. You just kind of know when it's going to happen." 

According to residents, only a couple of houses in town needed to sandbag as compared to a few years ago when there were more houses situated on the flood plane.

Residents also stated that most of the houses that constantly needed to sandbag in the past have since been bought up and torn down.

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