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Rochester musician find long lost trombone

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Back in July of 2017, someone broke into the trunk of John Sievers's car, stealing some t-shirts, a sound system but most importantly his trombone.

"I mean I was really upset about losing the trombone, I've had it for a long time, it has a lot of sentimental value and its the horn that I always play," Sievers said.

Back then, he posted about the theft on Facebook looking for help finding it.

He got an outpouring of support, with hundreds of likes and comments and thousands of shares.

That was one of the few highlights of the ordeal.

"It goes to show how much our community supports the artists in it and supports the arts," Sievers said.

It wasn't until Wednesday, when after an anonymous tip, Rochester police were able to find the trombone at a local pawn shop and return it to Sievers, and they've been inseparable since.

"So I got it back on Wednesday, I got it out of the case and probably should have sanitized it a little more than I did, and got it playing and got it going," Sievers said.

He says the first song he played was a song he wrote for his wife.

Now he's got a full weekend, playing shows Friday Saturday and Sunday, including at the Mid West Music Fest with one of his band, Loud Mouth Brass.

Most of the reason he wanted it back was the sentimental value, it's an old trombone that he's had for years.

He knows all of its ins and outs and how to make it sound exactly the way he wants.

But another part was the case.

"It's just got like stickers all over it," Sievers said. "Every single one of them reminds me of something. Some memory, some band I played with."

After all of this stress and heartache, he just has one message for whoever stole it.

"I hold no ill will towards them and I hope that they're in a better place in their life right now where they don't have to make those kinds of decisions."

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