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Symposium gives insight into women's health

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ALBERT LEA, Minn. (FOX 47) -

The Mayo Clinic Health System's Women's Health and Well-Being Symposium took place at Albert Lea's Wedgewood Cove Golf Club on Saturday.  People learned how being resilient can positively impact women's mental and physical health.  Some suggestions include gratitude, kindness and the importance of social connections.  

"One easy technique that everybody can do every morning is the first thing when you wake up before you get out of bed is think of five people in your mind that you're grateful for," suggests keynote speaker Sarah Stinson, who is a licensed professional counselor at Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing,  "Visualize them, say a silent gratitude.  And what this simple technique does is that is starts your brain releasing the oxytocin, which is the love hormone, so that later in the day when you're stressed instead of going back to what we normally wake up thinking of, 'Oh, my gosh, what do I have to do today?' we'll think of that wonderful feeling of love." 

Helping women calm physical pain was another topic of today's symposium.  While things like a massage or resting can be good for you after you may have done something to hurt your body, physical activity is good for the brain.

"What we want to do is be able to get your parts moving," says physical therapist Carol Gardner, another speaker, "Because if we don't have blood flow and good circulation to the areas that had hurt you or been painful, it's not going to heal well for the brain.  And so, resting is ok for a very short time, but getting moving actually helps with the pain, the swelling and the limitation.  So, we want people to get moving!"  

Addiction and how it relates to women's health was also discussed.  The focus was on particular addictions in women.  

"So, women are more likely to suffer with what we call a co-morbid mental health diagnosis like anxiety and depression," says Fountain Centers Medical Director Dr. Tyler Oesterle, another speaker at the symposium, "So, if they have alcohol addiction, they're much more likely to have depression and anxiety than men.  They're also much more likely to suffer traumatic consequences when they have addiction."  

Speakers hope women will apply everything discussed in their lives to look out for the well-being of themselves and their families.  

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