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Rochester resident embraces late spring

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Even though the calendar says April, spring has not yet sprung.

"Anytime would be good," said Rochester resident Dale Craft.

So when Mother Nature delivered another round of snow to southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, many residents were less than thrilled.

"I really don't care for it this time of year," said Craft. "We just got back from Florida for a month, so this is not nice."

But there were a few residents who made the most of the fresh layer of snow.

"It's Minnesota. What else could happen," said Rochester resident Melanie Strebbing.

Including retired postal worker Philip Hoiness.

"Everybody says 'Well I'm sick of this snow.' And I say 'Well I don't like it on the roads, but I love it in the yards.'" said Hoiness.

Instead of building your typical snowman, Hoiness makes it fun and builds what comes to mind, like a little elephant.

"It's the kid in me. Can't get rid of it," said Hoiness.

He has also made many other snow sculptures including a rabbit, a ten foot tall sheriff, and a melting head.

"It's something I enjoy doing," said Hoiness. "I have a lot of things to do and unfortunately they aren't getting done when I'm playing. But that's okay because I've got time."

Until he's actually outside packing the snow, Hoiness never knows ahead of time what he's going to build.

"So I might start something and something goes wrong, then it turns into something else," said Hoiness.

With each new snowfall, Hoiness's neighbors eagerly wait to see what his next creation will be.

"I have people stop and they ask me what I'm making. They say 'Oh we appreciate it, it's so nice.'" said Hoiness. "Jefferson School is a few blocks away, I think the kids on the buses like to check it out when they're going by."

Hoiness uses sticks and leaves from his trees for decoration and added support.

"I'm kind of looking forward to Sunday & Monday, it sounds like I'll be back out here again," said Hoiness.

So any idea what he might build next?

"Not a clue...not a clue," said Hoiness.  

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