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Rochester woman's home burglarized while she was giving birth

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Two people were arrested after a woman reported her home was burglarized while she in labor at the hospital. 

The burglary happened between Sunday and Monday. 

The victim returned home after giving birth to find laptops, jewelry, and a cell phone missing. 

There was no forced entry, inferring that the suspects found a spare key to gain access. 

The victim then reviewed her home surveillance camera footage, where she saw a man and a woman committing the crime.

She recognized the woman in the footage, Jessi Adams, as her next-door neighbor.

Jason Richards is a man the victim recognized as an associate of Adams.

Both burglars work at Subway, where police arrested Richards.

Adams left Subway before police could make contact, and got a ride to her home while still in uniform.

She then returned the stolen property to the victim's front step before she was arrested. 

Jessi Adams and and Jason Richards are both 35 years old and from Rochester. They face charges of second degree burglary and property theft.     

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