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Family looking for answers months after son is found dead in Kenyon

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Joe Thiem would have been 36 in May.

A father of four working as a mason.

On November 7th, he was found dead at an apartment building in Kenyon, and his parents still have more questions than answers. 

"We've just got nothing out of the police, I don't know what they know, there has to be something," Brian Morrill, Thiem's stepfather, said. "There just hasn't been any closure and it's really been hard on the family."

According to the Kenyon Police Department, as of now, there aren't many answers to give. 

"We had a person that was there, that made a comment that he had an altercation with this party beforehand," Chief Lee Sjolander, with Kenyon PD, said. "What the altercation played in this, again, I'm not a medical examiner and there's pieces of this puzzle that I don't have yet."

The death certificate his parents have says the cause of death was blunt force head injury, coupled with methamphetamine intoxication.

It was ruled a homicide.

They just want to be free of the uncertainty, and find some peace of mind.

"I really don't know what else to tell them at this point other than I really do feel for them," Sjolander said. "We try to be as caring an compassionate as we can and I really hope we can get them some answers. Good, bad or indifferent, they deserve to know anything that comes down the way."

Thiem's parents believe their grandchildren deserve to know the truth. 

"They're having a hard time losing their dad, I'm having a really hard time losing my son, I need to have some closure,"Teresa Morrill, Thiem's mother, said. "I need to feel that something is being done for him, because what happened to him was horrible."

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