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Rochester Committee of the Whole tackles Short Term Rentals like Airbnb

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

The Rochester City Council is looking to address the issue of short term rentals, similar to Airbnb.

Currently there are between 200 to 300 short term rental units in the city.

At Monday afternoon's Committee of the Whole meeting, City Council members heard they are operating in a kind of legal limbo.

That's because the city doesn't have an official ordinance covering such rentals.

So far the council hasn't received widespread complaints but they predict problems if it goes unregulated.

Council members say they want to strike a balance and not over-regulate a budding business.

 "There isn't a lot of real cropped up problems yet, just concern over what is this going to do to neighborhoods where people are renting out their homes to other people and then about taxes and fees and the health issue," Ed Hruska, a city Council Member, said. "We should be proactive in looking at those factors and getting input from people in deciding how we want to deal with it in the future." 

They also tackled the city's weed and high grass ordinance.

There have been some complaints from homeowners getting fined for their tall grass without appropriate notification.

Ultimately council members decided to not change the ordinance, because most of the issue comes from repeat offenders.

Also to note, Monday's Rochester City Council meeting was canceled due to weather.

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