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Rochester residents fed up with crow droppings on First Ave Northwest

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

They sit up in the trees of downtown Rochester, leaving a splatter of droppings underneath them.

According to Tammy Matzke, who works downtown, it can be a daily hassle.

"Some employees I work with have walked to work with umbrellas over their heads in order not to get hit by the crows in the morning," Matzke said.

We spoke with Rochester Parks and Recreation Department in January, and staff explained why the goal is to keep them from staying in one place.

"If they roost and get acclimated to a certain spot, they're gonna come back there and make a terrible mess," Michael Schaber, Parks Maintenance Supervisor, said.

They use all sorts of noise-makers to keep the birds moving, but in Matzke's opinion, that only goes so far.

"Yeah they are doing their best but it's just not enough," Matzke said. "I think we need to look at something different."

After talking with others concerned about the crows, she suggested getting rid of some trees or making sure trash cans and dumpsters aren't easy sources of food for the birds.

She's experienced this crow conundrum every winter for the past 30 years, but this year was different.

"What really tripped the trigger for me was watching an elderly man trying to get across this crow-filled sidewalk one morning in his walker," Matzke said. "He had the tennis balls on there dragging it through all of the crow droppings."

Now she's hoping that by speaking up and raising her concerns, more can be done to deal with these flying feces factories.

"Especially thinking about Destination Medical Center we really need to think about our really beautiful city for our future," Matzke said.

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