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Rochester Nordic Ski Team celebrates its own Olympic games

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

For the group of area high schoolers on the Nordic Ski team, the Olympics are a bit of a far-off dream.

But that doesn't stop them from making their own games, and shooting for their own golds.

However, it's much more than just looking to win.

"It's a great cohesive way to end the year, see how our beginning skiers have improved and be able to have these fun, activities, games to finish off the year with," Sara Holmes, a Mayo high school student and skier, said.

They get to compete is half-a-dozen different events, mostly just silly challenges, like the blind-folded race.

"So you have a partner and they're guiding you," Aly Welch, a Century high school student and skier, said. "You're blindfolded so it's really disorienting to ski without your sight but it's really fun."

That partnership really emphasizes one of the main reasons why the kids enjoy being a part of the team.

"When you have all these kids from the different schools come together, you get to meet new people and it really is a family like no other," Spencer Moore, a Mayo High School student and skier, said.

Moore and AJ Poirier, two of the captains, put their teamwork skills to the test in the sled relay.

Alternating who sat in the sled, they made record time going back and forth.

But it wasn't enough to win them the gold.

It didn't matter to the two, they were just happy to take part.

"Cross country skiing isn't really a common sport so the fact that we get to have it for teenagers it's pretty awesome," Moore said.

And to coaches, that's as good as gold.

"I think it's important for them to have fun in the sport that they're doing, that's one thing we stress," David Herbert, head coach for the team, said. "For the ski opportunity, we really do think its a lifetime sport, and its a way for them to enjoy winter."

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