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Grumpy Old Men Festival In Wabasha

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WABASHA, Minn. (FOX 47) -

When we think of movies about Minnesota, several come to mind.  But Saturday, one in particular is the focus of a celebration in the town of Wabasha.
Many may remember the "Grumpy Old Men" films, which were set there.

Locals are remembering the films with the Grumpy Old Men Festival.  People came from as far away as Rochester to enjoy the festivities at the Grumpy Old Men Festival In Wabasha.  Plaid was seen all over the town on flags, on people's clothing, and even at stores.  People familiar with the Grumpy Old Men movies may remember the bar called "Slippery's," which was also big in the spirit of the celebration.

"The whole story of the movie was written by a gentleman from Hastings," says Slippery's owner Curt Duellman,  "And it was about his childhood experiences coming down and fishing with his grandfather.  So, all the shenanigans that go on here in the movie, all the shenanigans and the characters, that was all based on what actually happened here.  Unfortunately, none of the filming was done here.  It was done at various locations throughout the state of Minnesota."  

Slippery's was the site of the Grumpy Plunge, an event involving people jumping into a cold river.   Other events included an ice fishing tournament, minnow races and a cribbage tournament.  

This was the 10th annual Grumpy Old Men Festival in the town of Wabasha.  

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