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Capturing the Cradle: The growing newborn photography industry

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Every parent knows babies grow up quickly. 

It's up to you to snap some pictures before your bundle of joy grows up before your eyes. 

Now, many parents are leaving it up to the professionals to capture those precious moments forever. 

One Rochester photographer says the newborn photography industry is growing almost as quickly as the little ones themselves. 

Nathan and Irene Mittlestat just got back home to Rochester after traveling to Florida to adopt baby Adelyn. 

She's joing her biological sister Aubriella, who the Mittlestats adopted last year. 

"We would never dream of this moment," said Irene. "Just having them together."

Their first order of business: photos by Catharine Bliss, owner of Bliss Photography. 

She's been specializing in newborn photography for nearly a decade. 

Over the years, she's seen the industry boom. 

"It used to be that you would just bring your baby to Target, to J.C. Penneys and they would just sit them down in a propped up poser," Bliss says. "But I would say probably in about 2006, 2007, newborn photography really started gaining some legs."

Sessions are booked months in advance, and they take a lot of preparation. 

"I set up all of my props so that I have the blankets and the colors," Bliss says. "Parents typically choose two to three colors that they want in their session and then my creativity goes from there and I use my artistry to create the session."

After a quick meal from Mom, Catharine works her magic. 

She keeps the studio at a warm 80 degrees and uses a sound machine to help put the baby to sleep. 

"A lot of times once I get baby into their first pose I look back and I see how mom's got tears coming down her face," Bliss said. "She's like that's my baby this is what I've been waiting for and anticipating for so many months.

That magic comes at a price. 

Bliss' newborn sessions start at $695 for one sitting. 

She provides the parents with all the digital copies, but it's up to them to purchase more products. 

"What we did with Aubriella is we got a canvas set so we have that hanging up in our living room and we were going to do the same thing for Adelyn," said Irene. 

Bliss says that price is for the photograher's expertise and the baby's safety. 

"It doesn't just take a nice camera and a love of babies," said Bliss. "It's way more than that, there's way more skill involved. I have studied posing for years. I used to sit online and just study where each toe is placed, where each finger is placed, where the knee was in relation to the ear."

For the Mittlestats, they're also paying for the memories. 

"Just seeing what they look like," said Nathan. "You think you won't forget but you kind of do."

"They grow so quickly so we want to be able to capture all the moments together as the family," said Irene. 

Bliss generally photographs babies at about two-weeks-old, because she says that's when they're easiest to pose. 

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