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FOX 47 celebrates its 20th anniversary

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

January is a special month at the station because FOX 47 is celebrating its 20th anniversary of being on the air.

Twenty years have come and gone for FOX 47 and along the way you could say it's been quite the ride.

No person knows that ride better than Danika Stagemeyer, our station's third-ever employee and the only member to be with us from the beginning to now.

"We just kinda came in to shake things up, I guess would be the way to put it," Stagemeyer said. "We went on the air in a little tiny metal shack on the base of our transmitter -- we weren't even full power at that time, you had to be very close to us in order for pick us up and you know it was fun."

You could say Danika has worn many hats in her 20 years here, ranging from production and directing to promotion. 

She now focuses on programming and traffic but through it all one thing has never changed 

"When they offered me the job and I just loved it, I love the people I work with, I love what I do," Stagemeyer said. 

Originally featuring an outhouse as the bathroom, FOX 47 began to evolve in November of 1999 when it aired its first local news broadcast.

From its roots with anchors Johnathan Walsh and Kendra Oestrich , Meteorologist Ryan Towell and Sports Reporter Pete Adeson, FOX47 has achieved a number of notable accomplishments in its two decades.

"Some of our big things was building from the ground up completely digital," said Stagemeyer. "Which was a unique thing. Going to a million watts when we turned on our big transmitter. Finally going to full power doing the news on the air."

But from outhouses and cramped spaces, FOX 47 today is an entirely different setup featuring a virtual reality set.

It's all thanks to our loyal viewers.

"We wouldn't be here without the viewers," Stagemeyer said. "If it wasn't for them tuning in and watching us and giving us a chance and loving their Vikings football -- we still wouldn't be here.

So this is to 20 years of late nights and early mornings, breaking news and local coverage, and to the excitement of remembering where we came from to what the future holds.

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