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Super Bowl ice sculptures help show just how cold it really is

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Super Bowl Fifty Two is all about The Bold North, and what better way to highlight that than by Larger Than Life ice sculptures.

"They're beautiful and they're part of Minnesota, ice and cold," Lorie Lindahl, an event goer, said.

They've been part of the Super Bowl Live attractions at Nicollet Mall since Friday, quite the impressive view for fans.

"Just amazing how these guys can do this," Mark Lindahl, there with Lorie, said.

The crowds slowly built up throughout the day.

Even though they didn't make it to the super bowl, Vikings fans still felt the need to show the purple and gold.

"It's sad that we're not in the Super Bowl but at the same time, you know, we gotta represent our team and support the colors," Dan Johnson, seeing the attractions, said.

As for the other fans:

"Hey it's nice, I just came out here to check it out," Brian Skano, one of the few Eagles fans there, said. "Walk down Nicollet, see what's going on."

Skano has been living in Minnesota recently but still has high hopes for the big game.

"Oh Birds all day, we're going to win," Skano said. "You know it's just what's going to happen. I mean it's our year."

One thing's for sure, with the cold how it is, the locals are having to extend that warm welcome.

"We're just happy that the Super Bowl is here this year," Lorie said.

"It's going to be a good game you know," Mark said. "Welcoming a lot of people from all around the whole country it's going to be really good."

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