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Minnesota's snowy day impacts Rochester businesses

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

As crews worked to clear highways and main streets all day Thursday, neighborhood roads and some business parking lots can be the most treacherous to drive through.

Neighborhood streets across the region were blanketed with snow, making it hard to even see the road in some places.

Home owners worked to scoop, shovel and blow the snow away from their driveways so they could get in and out of their homes safely.

With residents preoccupied clearing their own driveways or avoiding the outdoors at all costs, businesses deciding to remain open through the snow saw mixed results with customers showing up.

"You never know what to expect you just plan to busy and sometimes you are and sometimes you're not. Today unfortunately we're a little slow, but as long as people are home safe and warm that's really what we care about. In the past we've had big snowy days like this where you send everyone home expecting to be slow and then people from the neighborhood just walk over and they fill up the house," said Chris Pickett, General Manager at Forager Brewery. 

Pickett also says they do their best to make sure employees living far away or ones inexperienced driving in snow stay home and don't have to come into work in these conditions.

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