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Rochester woman reunited with her stolen dog

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

A happy ending to a story we first brought you Wednesday, after a dog was stolen from a Rochester woman at a downtown business.

Jennifer Sanneman was reunited with her 15-month-old dog Mia Wednesday night. Sanneman owns Essence Skin Clinic, and Mia was her there on Tuesday.

She had a grooming day and as a result wasn't wearing her collar.

Sanneman said Mia loves everybody, including a patient that was checking out, and as the patient walked out, the automatic handicap-accessible doors opened and stayed open for a while.

Mia had run outside where Sanneman said a woman scooped her up and took off.

"We're screaming looking on the ground everywhere, looking for her saying Mia Mia...we never thought about looking up," said Sanneman "And this gentleman and another lady at the bus stop, they heard me screaming for her and they go, 'have you lost something?' I said yes, my little dog. And he says 'little white dog?' And I said yes. 'Dress on?' I go yes! And he said 'that lady there, white coat, she take the dog.'"

It appears that there was also a man with the woman.

After Sanneman shared her story, the word got out. She said she was contacted by the couple who took the dog.

They live in Buffalo, Minnesota.

She said she met the couple in the parking lot of the Buffalo Perkins at 11 p.m. Wednesday night and drove Mia back to Rochester.

Sanneman said she doesn't intend to press charges. She said Mia was hungry, but otherwise okay. 

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