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Ostrander water restored, still under boil water advisory

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OSTRANDER, Minn (FOX 47) -

Water was restored in Ostrander on Tuesday, after a heater failure caused the pipes in the main water well house to freeze.

According to the Fillmore County Sheriff, the pipes of the main well, located in town, froze late afternoon on Monday.

"You gotta take into consideration, behind us is the main pump, it's outside, it's in a small structure," said Sheriff Tom Kaase.

But even with the water back on, the City of Ostrander is advising all residents to boil their drinking water until further notice. The reason for that is the backup well hasn't been used in a couple years, and it needs to be tested. 

It was also physically disconnected from the water system.

"I thought I had frozen water pipes because I live in an older home," said Ethel Zalky, who was one of many residents boiling water.

"Obviously the frigid temperatures we've had have an impact on any type of water source or pipes or those types of things," said Sheriff Kaase. He said the main pump is operational, unfrozen and back on-line, covered up to prevent it from freezing again.

Sheriff Kaase said Ostrander employees took samples of the water for testing Tuesday morning.

But because there was a switch over and the back-up pump was used, he said the state will monitor the water source for 24 hours. After that, they will decide whether or not the water is safe consumption, and let Ostrander residents know.

For now, residents should continue to boil their water.

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