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Vikings success generates business for local restaurants

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

After the Vikings clinched a first round bye for the playoffs on Sunday, not only local fans are beginning to celebrate their success, but local businesses are also looking forward to the playoffs.

The Vikings are continually a big draw for restaurants and bars around Rochester, as fans gather together to eat and watch their team on the big screen.

And the Vikings playing in the playoffs means continued success and boosted business on the weekends for those establishments.

"When the Vikings play it's gonna be huge and if they make it to the Super Bowl, which I think they will, it'll be a big big day for us on February 5th," said Michael Roberts Vogel, a manager at Dooley's Pub.

And even though the Vikings have a bye week to start the playoffs, these restaurants are still expecting big turnouts.

"I actually foresee business picking up, I think that our city and state is gonna be really excited about the playoffs. Considering that we have the Super Bowl in Minnesota this year, it's gonna promote a big crowd of tourism and football fan base so we're really excited to have our cold beer ready for them," said Ashley Catter, an employee at Newt's.

With business expected to be booming, bars will be competing with each other trying to garner the business of Rochester customers.

"We're excited around here that's for sure. This has definitely been a hot spot for Vikings games and we're looking to maybe have some Super Bowl parties which I do think we're gonna make the Super Bowl this year. Hey it happens every couple years that we get a shot at the playoffs so let's make the most of it," said Mitchell Bolkcom, Crooked Pint General Manager.

"We have the best viewing in Rochester and probably the surrounding area. Great sound, good fan base and plus we play all the games on Sunday with the NFL Sunday ticket," Roberts Vogel added.

Even though the Vikings do have the week off, restaurants say they're not expecting a dip in crowds.

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