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Dead car batteries stifle commuters Tuesday

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Tuesday's low temperatures put a wrench in many people's commute thanks to dead car batteries. 

Virgil's Auto Clinic in Rochester says it's had all six of its service vehicles deployed for people needing jump starts or tows.

Workers say although people do their best to protect their vehicles, there's not much that can be done when temperatures dip this low.

"The battery still doesn't test to this degree when we get this cold sitting there outside overnight like that it is very tough on the vehicles. We try and get ready for it. There's no question about it. The batteries have been tested and people have looked for the winterizing and all that kind of stuff on the vehicles. It's just cold. Unfortunately we here in Minnesota go from extreme temperatures. From very nice and warm which we like to have to very cold which is what we are now," says Ron Nelson, Virgil's Auto Clinic Co-Owner.

Virgil's says Tuesday has been their busiest day of the season.

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