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Mayo Clinic and The Link create gift registry for sex trafficking victims

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Mayo Clinic and The Link are joining forces to help victims of sex trafficking by creating a gift registry.

Through the Rise Up Gift Registry you can donate funds for personal necessities such as clothes, towels and basic hygiene supplies that help victims become survivors.

The registry also serves to raise awareness of growing sex trafficking operations across the Midwest and to show the damage it does to victims. 

"This population of people are some of the most severely hurt mentally and physically that we ever see." Said Dr. Arne Graff with Mayo Clinic's Child Abuse Pediatrics Program.

"They're stripped of everything they own. They're stripped of their humanity. They're controlled by people. They're threatened and so we see physical abuse, sexual abuse, infections, education loss, no ties to family. So they have nothing to them, they're literally orphaned of everything."   

You can donate to the registry anytime until February 2018. 

To see a full listing of the items needed on the Rise Up Gift Registry click here

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