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Dispute between state legislature and Gov. Dayton continues

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Wednesday Minnesota State Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka announced they will run out of money at the beginning of December.

Using funds from the Legislative Coordinating Committee they will be able to carry through the year and into January, but will then have to furlough employees on January 12th.

This is a result from Governor Mark Dayton's veto on the Senate's proposed budget, leaving them without funds to keep operating. 

"Affective December 1st, we run out of money. The problem is we don't go back into session until February 20th, so we're in this place of no money and not being able to provide service for our constituents across the state," said Gazelka.

This would mean no work would happen in the Senate Building from January 12th until February 20th and no one would be available to take calls for the public's concern.

"Over 500 staff are going to be sent home without work and of course without pay and who knows how many of those come back in February," said Sen. David Senjem, (R) Rochester.

In response to today's announcement by Senator Gazelka about the suspension of operations and furloughing of employees, Governor Dayton issued a statement,

"The Senate Republican Leader is creating this situation. Despite sitting on nearly $45 million in available state funding...choosing to lay off their own employees, rather then admit they have misled the courts, the press and the public about their true financial situation."

Senator Gazelka said the approximate monthly budget for operating functions in the Senate is $3 million.

Until the two branches can come to an agreement on a budget, the legislative branch will cease to function.

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