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The latest rundown of school district ballot measures across southeastern Minnesota

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All across southeast Minnesota, there are several major school district revenue referendums being decided Tuesday night.

In Triton, voters decided against increasing revenue by $750 per student for the next ten years by a 24 vote margin.
The final tally was 479 to 455.

Grand Meadow approved a renewal of its existing $899 per student revenue formula for the next ten years.
That vote passed 195 to 37.

In the Zumbrota-Mazeppa Public Schools district voters were asked to renew the existing property tax levy for another ten years.
That measure passed by three-to-one advantage 987 to 281. 

They're also being asked to increase taxes by $313 to improve the schools.
That measure passed by a two-to-one advantage.
Superintendent Mike Harvey says it's "good news tonight" for Zumbrota-Mazeppa kids.

Voters in Blooming Prairie face a similar decision along with two more options to improve school technology and keep class sizes smaller.
They were first asked to renew the existing levy of $436 per student for another ten years.
This passed 393 to 206.

In Question number two, Blooming Prairie voters were asked to agree to a small increase to help buy some students iPads and Mac Air laptops.
This also was approved.

And in Question three, there was a request for funding to keep class sizes small in Blooming Prairie.
Voters approved this measure as well.

Caledonia is asking voters to approve an increase of $460 for five years.
"Yes" won that decision by a three-to-one

The school board for Caledonia Area Public Schools said it could only project the next five years... and voters there were asked to increase revenue by 460 dollars per student... 
and voters said "yes" by a three-to-one advantage.

In Lake City a bond issue project of $12 million for Bluff View Elementary School was on the Tuesday night ballot.
That project won approval 978 to 844.

In the Red Wing Public School district, voters were asked first to revoke the existing property tax levy and increase the revenue to $1,235 dollars per student for the next ten years.
But voters turned it down 53% to 47%.
Since the first question was rejected, the second proposal failed automatically.

Not school related:
Chatfield held a special referendum on authorizing the City Council to borrow $4.4 million for a new swimming pool.
The "yes" votes won 237 for, 196 against.

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