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Rochester fire stations open up for national fire prevention week

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

With the fires raging in California, it's hard not to think about your own family's safety. 

As part national fire prevention week, all of the fire stations in Rochester are having open houses to educate people on ways to be prepared. 

Because early October is a favorite time of year for many kids , the open houses give kids a fun chance to come out and sit in the fire trucks.

This year's theme for fire prevention week is "plan two ways out ". This is to encourage people to learn a main plan and alternate plan out of their houses in case of a fire.

Assistant Fire Marshall Gary Schroeder says these open houses are more than just an opportunity to learn about fire safety.

"So today's importance is we want you to be invited into our home, become familiar with our firefighters so if you did have an emergency the kids are not scared of us," said Schroeder.

Many of the parents who attended the open house said that they take fire preparations very seriously by showing their kids where the fire alarms are and what they do, talking about escape plans and meeting points.

Many parents also say they'll take this years theme into consideration next time they make a plan.

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