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Goodhue man dies of a "broken heart" eight days after the passing of his wife of 60 years

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She passed away late last month.

He passed away just 8 days later.

And their family believes it was from a broken heart.

"Your parents are your anchor; they are your home. You don't even need a home to go to, it's your parents who are your home," said daughter Becky Hadler-Phernelton.

Marjorie and Arvin Hadler, of Goodhue, would be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this month but on Sept. 29th, Marjorie passed away after a battle with cancer.

Her daughters then told their dad the news.

Julie Thermos, the couples third daughter said, "The night that mom passed away, all of the sisters went and told him together what had happened." 

"We all cried together," said their second daughter Bonnie Sward.

"No, No, No. What am I going to do without mamma?" said Hadler-Phernelton and Sward. 

The sisters said that their father told them, "I just want to be with her" and realized that he had, in a way, already decided that was what was going to happen.

Eight days later, Arvin passed away too; from what his daughters say was a broken heart.

"We didn't think it was going to be this fast," the sisters said together.

Marjorie and Arvin married in 1957 after meeting at a hospital in Red Wing.

He was a patient who lost four fingers on his left hand in a farming accident, and she was a nurse. 

Ten years ago, Arvin had a severe stroke that left him unable to speak and paralyzed his right side of his body.

"Dad had always said from day one when he had his stroke that he didn't want to be around anymore," said Sward. "It wasn't life, the way he was living. It just wasn't life anymore."

Marjorie then became his full time caretaker.

Even when she was dying in the hospital last month, her thoughts were about her husband.

"We needed to let her know that it was okay to go," said Hadler-Phernelton. "Bonnie said to her, 'It's okay, we'll take care of daddy'. And it was moments after that, moments after that, that she let go."

After Marjorie passed away, Arvin worried what would happen to the couple's longtime home and belongings.

Their daughters assured him that everything would be taken care of.

"I bet it wasn't more that three or four minutes after I said that to him, and then he was gone too," said Hadler-Phernelton.

A couple of six decades, is now reunited once again.

"It's like a beautiful love story, but it's painful," said Hadler-Phernelton.

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