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Winona County Courthouse hosts open house

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WINONA, Minn. (FOX 47) -

A historic court house opened its doors to the public to shed light on some its more recent programs. 

The Winona County Courthouse hosted an open house Sunday afternoon to celebrate a couple different anniversaries. 

It was observing the fifth anniversary of the county's drug court, and also, the 10th anniversary of the Winona County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. 

Visitors could observe a county drug court session, as well as a performance of a mock jury trial. 

"I think people have a concept that the court house is a closed place and you only go there when you get in trouble and this is an important way to share with the community that this is the people's house and what goes on here is important and you're welcome to come learn," said Karin Sonneman, Winona County Attorney. "It's so important to learn how your system of government works. "

This was the court house's first open house since 2009. 

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