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Rochester Chamber Board selects new interim president

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Less than one week after the former Rochester Chamber president resigned, an interim is selected.

According to an email from Chamber Board Chair Lisa Clarke, the Chamber Board of Directors approved Kathleen Harrington to serve as the Chamber's interim President.

Harrington recently announced her retirement from Mayo Clinic, where she served as Division Chair for Government Relations.

The move comes one week after former president Rob Miller resigned. The wheels for the change got in motion late August when former Membership Director Judy Braatz sent a letter to the board alleging Miller discriminated against her.

She claimed miller was critical of the cost of her health insurance.

She said in part, "Mr. Miller has significant difficulty working with women. It is no secret that other strong women in the organization have left because of how Mr. Miller has treated them."

Her accusations inspired an independent investigation within the Chamber.

Miller, however,  says he can't believe all the things he's been accused of and he hopes the investigation comes to a conclusion soon.

"There is a community of people that is angry and mad at one person and so if that one person takes themselves out of the equation, then the healing process can begin." Miller said. "I didn't take this job for any other reason than I love the organization and if by me being here, I'm hurting this organization, then that's kind of counter-intuitive isn't it? So it's just time for me to leave."

Miller says he has no doubt in his mind that the chamber will come back from this.

He says it's been around for 150 years already and has another 150 ahead of it.

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