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Olmsted Medical Center offers 3-D mammography

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

A new kind of mammogram is available in our area and medical experts say it's more effective than traditional methods.

Olmsted Medical Center now has a 3-D mammogram machine. 

Whereas the traditional 2-D mammogram just takes two pictures of the breast, the new 3-D kind takes layer-by-layer pictures through breast tissue.

Doctors say the two different versions feel similar for the patient, but the new 3-D version takes clearer pictures and it's more effective in finding tumors.

"I would recommend that all women consider getting a 3-D test," said Dr. David Morrell, a radiologist at OMC. "It is a better test, it detects more cancers, and it reduces the number of times that someone will get a false alarm that something is wrong when in fact there is nothing wrong. And it is beneficial for women of all ages and of all breast densities."

Olmsted Medical Center also recommends you check with your insurance provider to make sure this new kind of testing is covered under your plan.

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