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Cereal boxes, colanders, and welding masks: Rochester residents catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

After weeks of publicity, the solar eclipse has come and gone.

Hundreds took in Thursday's solar eclipse outside the Rochester Art Center.

"I haven't been preparing very much. My wife is in charge of the art center event so I usually do what she tells me to," said Andrew Folpe. 

Most people wore the special eclipse glasses, but others chose different methods.

Hunter Bridges, a young boy viewing the eclipse with his mother, designed a cardboard box into an solar viewing device. "This is a model from the old days when people used cardboard boxes. It's the same function. The light from the eclipse will shine into the hole and be ejected onto the paper so I can see it, and it works," he said.

A cardboard box was the second most popular option after the eclipse glasses. But Marcus Nichols and his family chose to view the eclipse with a colander.

"It's basically like a pinhole idea. When the eclipse happens the sun will pass through here and you'll see it. Instead of one in the sky you'll see 50 on the ground," said Marcus. He selected that method after his grandmother suggested it. When asked how she came up with such a clever and unique method, Marcus replied with, "the internet." 

Another option one man opted for was a welder's mask. However, it's not recommended. "The glasses work better. The welding helmet's not working; I just look cool," said the anonymous welder man. 

The eclipse happened around 1:08 p.m. in Rochester. Even though it went by fast, it brought those in the Rochester community together.

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