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Mayor vetoes two actions, including denial of Kutzky demolition permit

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Mayor Ardell Brede exercised a right that comes with one of the city's top jobs Thursday, vetoing two city council actions. 

First, Brede vetoed the city council's decision to deny a demolition permit for the controversial Kutzky House. 

Developers want to demolish it due to restoration costs. However, some others in the community do not, calling it historic. 

In a statement, Brede said, "Certainly, as some would say, it's a 'travesty' that the house was left to be in a condition that creates an uninhabitable situation. To force what I would see as a public flogging of the ownership serves no real purpose at this stage."

Brede said he recommends the owner demolish the building. He said, as others have suggested, he supports creating a pocket park in the neighborhood in its place. 

Second, he vetoed the decision to spend at least $25 thousand for live TV coverage of Committee of the Whole meetings, which he pointed out are already audio recorded.

He said no legal action can take place at those meetings, and he finds the expenditure unnecessary.

These vetoes are something of a rare occurrence. 

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