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Rochester City Council deems Monday "slow night", has important discussions nonetheless

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

It was a pretty uneventful Rochester City Council meeting on Monday night, with council members even joking that it was a "slow night in the city" but there are some topics that brought forth discussion.

First up was a discussion on chicken coops in the city. 

It's been specified that chicken coops in the city must be 25 feet from any dwelling, and must not exceed 10 feet per chicken or 6 feet in height. 

There is also a limit of three chickens unless they are for educational purposes, which in that case is 12.

As far as public hearings go, one woman expressed her concern of a recent cost of a tree removal because of Emerald Ash Borer, $4500, in which she doesn't believe to be on her land.

She believes it is city property due to the fact the city hasn't let her build a fence on it. 

This will be reviewed by council as to whether or not the tree was actually on her designated property, and a decision will be made next meeting on July 5th. 

If council deems the tree to have been on her property, she will have to pay the cost of the tree removal. 

If it's decided the tree wasn't on her property, she won't have to pay the cost.

Stencil Group, LLC discussed a plan for a 164-unit multi-family development consisting of two four-story buildings for affordable housing called Technology Park Apartments.

The property can be accessed on Technology Drive NW.

Council doesn't like how the plans are to build the apartments in an industrial zone.

Stencil Group said their apartments target those in the workforce and will be beneficial because it is situated along a major transit route.


Allowing a non-industrial project to be in an industrial area might have a negative effect on the market, such as lower costs for residential, which could trigger the industrial sector to turn away from growing.

However, the Stencil Group's proposal was tied 3 to 3 to approve, with council members Nick Campion, Mark Hickey, and Ed Hruska motioning to approve and Michael Wojcik, Annalissa Johnson, and President Randy Staver to deny.

That being said, the motion will be continued at the July 5th meeting. 

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