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Two Rochester residents compete in Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior premiered Monday night on NBC.

Though that's exciting in itself, what's more exciting is that two Rochester residents made the cut for competition this season.

If you saw Roo Yori or Candace Granberg in their work element, you'd never guess they are physical machines.

Yori works as an assistant supervisor in a lab at Mayo Clinic, and Granberg is a pediatric neurologist at Mayo Clinic.

Put aside their medical careers, and you've got two very fit and competitive Rochester residents.

And not only are they fit and competitive, they're American Ninja Warriors!

"We don't get to try the obstacles at all. The first time you touch it, is the time you have to do it," said Yori, on Monday afternoon at Rochester's CrossFit Progression.

It's impressive that two people in the same town made the cut.

"There were about 77,000 applications this year. And there's 120 per city. And so to have both of us in that top 120 per city was pretty cool!" said Granberg.

It's Yori's second time qualifying for the competition and Granberg's rookie season.

Yori said this year's course is fierce.

"It's bigger and has better obstacles, they really stepped it up this year,” he said.

What most people don't realize, however, is that hours of training goes into that one shot at the obstacle course.

"I started doing obstacle races with Roo a couple years ago, and I do CrossFit everyday at 5 a.m. and that helps prepare the strength, but we also have to do gymnastics to do the obstacle movements and the balance movements that you might not get in a regular workout," explained Granberg of the rigorous training.

The pair also had to spend a lot of time traveling up north.

"They have specific, ninja-style obstacles up in the cities. We don't have one here in Rochester, but you can actually get on the salmon ladders, the warped walls and that kind of stuff," said Yori.

All of that hard work is worth it.

"Being on the big stage and seeing my daughter out there cheering for me and she's all, 'My mom's a ninja!' and it's super exciting to be a role model for kids," said Granberg.

"I've always loved challenging myself, and what better way to challenge myself than all of these obstacles. And I continue to get emails from people I know I've never met and have no idea who they are, but they saw me on the show and they say 'Hey you've inspired me because I saw you on the show.' And to know that's happening out there is just incredible," said Yori.

Yori and Granberg aren't able to share how they fared this season.

"We are sworn to secrecy so you gotta watch to find out, but it was a blast!” said Yori.

Yori competed his round in Kansas City and Granberg did her round in Denver.

Their shows will air on July 3rd and July 17th, respectively.

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