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New hybrid game offers Rochester team-building, fitness, and fun

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

What do you get when you mix archery with dodgeball?

Aside from a whole lot of fun, you also get the latest game craze to hit Rochester, Archery Addiction.

"You always want to keep moving," said Clarissa Davis, a manager at Archery Addiction.

The indoor arena just opened on May 6th, but given the nice weather, a 3,000 square foot outdoor arena is soon to be open.

"The object of this one is to get all of the targets out on the field there, and avoid getting hit," said Davis.

Though it's not unlike other live-action games, Archery Addiction does have some added obstacles.

"It's with the archery, so you have to like focus your shots. With airsoft and paintball, you can pretty much like shoot right off the get-go. With this, there's a bit more of a challenge," said J.A. Crow, who plays Amtrad and Airsoft, but has now declared himself an Archery Addiction athlete, as well.

Though the game takes pride in team-building and working together, the beauty is that you can add in your own unique twist.

"Peak out and try to hit the targets. Sometimes it takes more than one hit to get them, again, part of the challenge," said Davis, of her strategies.

Having quick reflexes is also a plus, as you can dodge the foam-tipped arrows or even catch them!

"My strategy is a lack of a strategy," said Crow.

When I tested the game out on Wednesday, I didn't focus on getting members of the other team knocked out, but rather achieving the ultimate goal of hitting out the foam circles from the target in the middle.

But no matter the strategy or level of skill, one thing does remain certain.

“It's all about teamwork and fun and exercise,” said Davis.

So, who can play the game?

Anyone ages six and up can play, with discounted prices for those who are aged six to twelve ($15 per child).

As for adults, the cost is $28 per person.

Sessions of play are 90 minutes, and that includes a safety training and target practice.

Archery Addiction also hosts parties for small groups with at least 10 people, for two hours.

All equipment is provided.

For those who might fear the arrows being painful, no need to worry.

“These are LARP standard foam and it has an impact of about two inches. They are very very safe,” explained Davis.

And, from my personal experience on Wednesday, it didn't hurt at all being struck.

The grand opening of the outdoor arena is happening this Saturday.

For more information on the game just head on over to the following link, which is the Archery Addiction website:

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