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Storm in Plainview leaves behind path of destruction

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PLAINVIEW, Minn. (FOX 47) -

On Wednesday evening, we received several reports of high winds in the Plainview area ripping trees from the ground.

We headed over to the town to take a look ourselves.

After talking with community members, it became pretty clear: this storm left Planview residents scratching their heads.

Residents said the storm came and went in a matter of seconds, leaving behind a trail of destruction for whatever came in its path.

And, as previously mentioned, it went just as quick as it came; When we got to town, though clean-up efforts were underway, children were also out on the streets, riding their scooters.

Ken Eversman said he initially noticed the clouds.

"A co-worker of mine were kind of admiring the clouds. They were doing funny things and it was at the end of the storm,” said Eversman, who is a former firefighter, so knows about storms and clouds.

"[The storm] kind of followed a southwest, northeast path through town,” explained Plainview Fire Chief Ed Jacobs.

Sheds were demolished, debris was scattered about, and one family even lost a piece of nostalgia.

They Hayes family planted a tree in their backyard when they first moved into their home 15 years ago, however, that tree has been uprooted.

"The tree was over there where the hostas were and it just was pulled out and it ended up over there in the corner. And then the kids' climber was right there and just toppled over. And my husband built the fence last summer and it's just topped over at the end," explained Jill Hayes.

Eversman, who now has a warehouse company that sells fertilizer, said what stuck out to him was the noise, a noise that unbeknownst at the time, destroyed part of his warehouse.

"It took apart our roof, our warehouse here,” Eversman said.

Eversman added in that it all happened in a matter of seconds.

"It happened so fast, I have a new respect for tornado watches for sure," said Eversman.

Though there's clearly a lot of damage in the town, Fire Chief Ed Jacobs remained grateful.

"It could've been worse, this is small compared to what would have happened, had it taken off," said Chief Jacobs.

Footage from Wednesday evening's storm has been sent to the National Weather Service to determine whether or not it was a tornado that made its way through town.

On Thursday, the National Weather Service will also send out a storm survey team to Plainview to assess damage.

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