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Fix-It Ticket and Exit Interview aim to curb childcare shortage

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

A local childcare organization has authored a proposal that is making its way through legislature.

With the looming deadline, the group is really pushing for this to pass.

One of the major jobs of Family Childcare Incorporated of Olmsted County is to take a deep look at legislation and decide which laws they can contribute to make their field of childcare better.

So with the shortage of childcare providers not only in the county, but in the entire state, they've authored a proposal in hopes to curb the shrinking business.

Though the sun was shining Tuesday, in the world of family childcare providers, things aren't looking so bright.

"We're losing so many family childcare providers, it's a little intimidating," said Ariane Bromberg, a family childcare provider who opened her home business in 1996.

"I love to see each child grow and learn and develop into their own human being," said Bromberg.

Through her two decades in the business, she's seen the shrinkage of providers.

Though there are many contributing factors, she said there's one major piece of the puzzle: a correction order.

"For a lot of providers, a correction order is deemed as a scarlet letter on our wall," explained Bromberg.

To solve the problem, FCCI has authored the Fix-It Ticket and Exit Interview.

"So minor infractions, like a missed signature on a form, a refrigerator temp a few degrees off, simple things that we can fix at the time of the inspection or within 48 hours and show documentation to our licenses that we corrected the problem and we do not need a correction order after that," explained Bromberg of the proposed law.

Bromberg said it can be used as a teaching tool to rapidly correct mistakes.

"We're all human. There's times where we might miss something little and we wouldn't have to have the correction order posted to our wall," she explained.

Backed by Senator Carla Nelson and Representative Duane Quam, the proposal is making its way through legislature.

"We made it through the Omnibus, now we have to see if Governor Dayton will sign it, from there," said Bromberg.

As this legislative session nears its close, Bromberg and other members of FCCI are anxiously awaiting a decision, with the hope of sunny skies in the horizon for family childcare providers.

The fate of the Fix-It Ticket and Exit Interview, for this legislative session at least, will be made by May 22nd.

If passed, it would be implemented on October 1st of this year.

If it's vetoed, Bromberg said they are going to try again next session.

To read up on the Fix-It Ticket, head to the following link and then go to “Article 4”:

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