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Art on the Ave will be back in the Slatterly Park Neighborhood

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

More art will be added to the Slatterly Park Neighborhood Saturday, June 3, for the 8th annual Art on the Ave.

"Our goal is to become the artist quarter of downtown," said Art on the Ave Board President, Wayne Flock.

The neighborhood already has more than a dozen permanent sculptures, but there will be a lot more art this weekend. 

"It's really to showcase artists and vendors," said Flock. "Glassblowers, painters, potters, jewelry makers, a nice wide variety of artists."

More than 40 vendors will be at the event but there is more than just art. There will be local beer, wine, and food from places like the People's Food Co-Op and Grand Rounds. 

The highlight of the event is the installation of a permanent boulevard structure.

Last year the theme was dance.

The host family chooses the theme. The host family also hosts all the meetings and sculpture is installed in front of their home.

"They choose dance because they felt that was something that was very important to them," said Flock.

It was created by an artist from Minneapolis and uses a mix of metal and cedar wood.

This years sculpture will be on the 11-hundred block of 6th Avenue southeast, but we don't know much yet.

"It is fairly hidden because we do like it to be unveiled at the event," said Flock. "The mayor does the unveiling, he has done that for the past 8 years. The sculpture is made out of entirely metal this year. A local artist here in town, that is pretty exciting."

We do know about some new things at this year's event, other than the sculpture. 

"We have a grant to bring steam rolling from the metro area down, and it's an interactive kids activity where kids can actually create an art piece and it's done through a large steam roller that runs prints," said Flock.

The event has been postponed from Saturday, May 20th to June 3 from 9:30 am to 4 pm on the 1100 block of 6th Avenue Southeast.

There will also be live musical performances by:
The Nodding Wild Onions
The D'Sievers
The Lonely Knees
Jeremy Jewell
Fernando Ufret
Antares Tribal Belly Dance

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