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Puppies visit PossAbilities

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

It was puppy day at PossAbilities in Rochester

Participants had the chance to pet, cuddle and play with Chinese Shar-pei puppies.

"We have staff that breed them and every 6 months or so they bring them in to socialize," said Enrichment Service Director at PossAbilities, Cristi Lyke.

But the socialization isn't just beneficial for the puppies, it also benefits the participants.

"It really helps to bring the participants out of their shell," said Lyke. "We see reactions from them that we don't typically see throughout the day. There's something about a warm fuzzy puppy that brings them out of their shell and brings them to life." 

For other participants, it just makes them hungry. 

"It makes me want a hot dog, but not in front of the dog, that would be mean," said PossAbilities participant, Isaac Nelson.
PossAbilities serves children and adults with disabilities and for some of the participant, spending time with a dog is a special experience.

"There's a gentleman back there that doesn't talk very much but when he knows the puppies are coming he's smiling and he's anxious," said Lyke. "He wants them to get here. It's an experience they don't get to have everyday."

Lyke says if they could have it everyday, they would. 

"We're always trying to find different community elements to bring in, puppies, any kind of animal, we had miniature horses last year," said Lyke. "Animals are very therapeutic for anyone whether to not they have a disability.

Possabilities runs different programs for children and adults with disabilities throughout the year.

For more information on PossAbilities, click here

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