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Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Organization, Rochester Parks and Rec discussing design options for new Memorial

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

In 2011, the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Incorporation organization approached Rochester Parks and Recreation staff with a proposal for a walkway to connect the Memorial (with pavers honoring veterans on that walkway) to a storage building.

However, Parks and Rec didn't approve the project due to concerns of the design.

Since the original proposal in 2011, the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial group has readdressed the idea, to no avail.

Per a written agreement between Parks and Rec and the Veterans Memorial group, any alterations to the Memorial are subject to city approval.

Despite Parks and Rec's disapproval of the design plans, last week, the Veterans Memorial Group proceeded to start construction on the walkway.

In response, Parks and Rec halted that construction, immediately.

Both groups met on Tuesday afternoon in a closed-door setting, but didn't come to an agreement.

The hope is to discuss further in the next few days.

One woman shared with us her story of her father, Louis, and why this Memorial is so important.

Many people consider their father their hero.

"This is my father Louie, worked at the Mayo Clinic for many many years. A humanitarian. A good, good man,” said Margaret Eppolite Hedberg.

Eppolite Hedberg's father Louis, wasn't only her hero, he was one for our country, as well.

"He drove his tank over France and over Germany, had his teeth all knocked out. Because the Germans at the time bombed the roads so that the tanks couldn't get over," said Eppolite Hedberg.

Louis was a corporal in the Army in World War Two and helped liberate prisoners at Dachau, a German concentration camp.

"So there were 128 of those prisoners at Dachau and almost 3000 prisoners themselves that were liberated," said Eppolite Hedberg.

She continued, “The men who went there found 39 cars of bodies emaciated and dead. 39 train cars on the tracks. And they were very upset.”

After serving, Louis became an iron ore minor in Hurley, Wisconsin and Ironwood, Michigan.

After that, he came to Rochester and worked at Mayo Clinic and was a foster parent for over 50 children in Olmsted County.

"He had the biggest heart in the world," said Eppolite Hedberg.

Eppolite Hedberg said she wants to give her father the honor he deserves.

"I believe the area behind me may be where they're going to put his paver. It looks like some construction has already started on this," she pointed out on Tuesday at Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial.

But, construction has come to a halt, as the Parks & Rec and Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial groups have two different visions.

"My hope is that they can solve this and they can put them in before Memorial Day," said Eppolite Hedberg.

All in a gesture to show respect and gratitude for those who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice.

"Who doesn't love and honor the veterans?" Eppolite Hedberg said.

Parks and Rec Director Paul Widman said he has a great deal of respect for the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial organization and wants only the best outcome for the Memorial and all it represents.

He's confident an agreement can be made in the near future.

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