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Golden Happenings senior citizen group celebrates a century's worth of fashion

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HARMONY, Minn. (FOX47) -

Betty Dowe and her pals in Harmony's Golden Happenings senior citizen group believe growing old is a gift that should be celebrated, not feared.

Always hosting fun events for the community of Harmony, on Wednesday, the group put together a fashion show, with vintage clothing and hats.

A little bit of fashion, tied with a little bit of history, and trips down memory lane.

If you happened to be at the Harmony Community Center Wednesday afternoon, nostalgia of those "good old days" was sure to be kicking in.

Though vintage clothing, an old hat show, and more were at the forefront, it's the ladies who put it all together that stole the show.

"So we're going to travel from 1860 to 1960. Which is what I consider 100 years of beautiful women's history," said Heather Edgington, a vintage hat collector.

"I see a lot of things my mother wore," said Betty Dowe, the Golden Happenings coordinator.

"I have my grandma's dress on. And I was very close to my grandma. She was a pretty classy dresser,” said Joan Michel, a member of Golden Happenings.

"This was my First Communion dress. It was in, hate to say it, but 1948," said Rosie Berge, another member of Golden Happenings.

The ladies of Golden Happenings senior citizen group are setting the scene for major reminiscing.

"Dug this out of storage, and this is my wedding dress, from September 13, 1958. I look at it now, size ten. [laughs] a long time ago," said Dowe.

"All of the hats in our program today are authentic period pieces," said Edgington.

The day wasn't only fun, but also a lesson in history.

And an affirmation that trends may come and go, but friendships remain strong and steady.

Dowe said the Golden Happenings group is going to rekindle an old Harmony tradition next week: the Welcome Wagon!

The ladies will knock on the doors of those who just moved to town and give them a little goodie bag with things to do in town, and more.

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